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Tipp - LEGO Dimensions : Die Achievements auf der Xbox One

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Mehr als 40 Achievements sind im Toy2Life-Spiel Lego Dimensions versteckt, die euch insgesamt 1225 Punkte einbringen. Wir haben für euch eine Übersicht erstellt.

There's no Place Like... This. (25) - Complete ''Follow the LEGO Brick Road''

Chroma Simpson (25) - Complete ''Meltdown at Sector 7-G''

Of Mice and Chen (25) - Complete ''Elements of Surprise''

In the Nick of Timey-Wimey ( 25) - Complete ''A Dalektable Adventure''

Simply Walked Into... Metropolis (25) - Complete ''Painting the Town Black''

Interdimensional Showdown (25) - Complete ''Once Upon A Time Machine in the West''

GLaD to be out of There! (25) - Complete ''Aperture Science Enrichment Centre''

Riddle Me That! (25) - Complete ''Riddle-earth''

Ghost... busted! (25) - Complete ''The Phantom Zone''

Enter Your Initials: ''AAA'' (25) - Complete ''All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us''

Zoinks! (25) - Complete ''Mystery Mansion Mash-Up''

Tri Again Next Time (25) - Complete ''Prime Time''

Tri Hard with a Vengeance! (25) - Complete ''The End is Tri''

A Serious Loophole (25) - Complete ''The Final Dimension''

Time to Break the Rules! (5) - Rebuild the LEGO Gateway

Broke the Rules! (75) - Complete all story levels

The Keystone to Victory (5) - Collect all of the Gateway Keystones

Rare Artefacts, collected! (50) - Collect 30 Minikits from levels

Na na na na na na na upgrades! (25) - Upgrade the Batmobile to Model 2

Holy Upgrades, Batman! (50) - Upgrade the Batmobile to Model 3

But Does it Come in Pink? (25) - Give the Batmobile a pink paint job

Do You Like Bling, Batman? (50) - Give the Batmobile a chrome paint job

Home, Sweet Home (10) - Visit any Hub World for the First Time

Dimensional Explorer (25) - Visit the homes of Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle

Time for an Upgrade! (10) - Collect 5 Gold Bricks

The Real Golden Master! (25) - Collect 30 Gold Bricks

Dimensional Dasher (15) - Complete a race in any of the hub worlds

Pedal to the Metal (40) - Complete 5 hub races

The Heroes We Need (10) - Complete any hub world quest

Restoring Order (15) - Complete any hub world renovation

Official Master Builder (40) - Complete 15 hub world renovations

Taking the Tube (25) - Travel through 20 rifts throughout the game

Speedy Thing Goes In... (25) - Complete ''Aperture Science Enrichment Centre'' within 25 minutes

Forever Alone (25) - Complete a level while only ever keeping one character active on the Toy Pad

Lost Property (25) - Complete 25 'Locate Mode' puzzles

Painting by Numbers (25) - Complete 25 'Chroma Mode' puzzles

Elemental, My Dear (25) - Enter 'Elemental Mode' on 25 unique occasions

Too Old for This Shift (25) - Shift through 50 ''Shift Mode'' rifts

In your face, space coyote! (50) - Complete ''The Mysterious Voyage of Homer'' (1)

Mmmm… collectables! (5) - Collect any Minikit within the 'The Mysterious Voyage of Homer' level

Owww, rules? I hate rules! (20) - Achieve the ''Rule Breaker'' stud goal in the ''The Mysterious Voyage of Homer'' level

That was heavy! (50) - Complete ''Back to the Future!'

Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor (5) - Collect any Minikit within the 'Back to the Future!' level

Rules? ...We don't need rules! (20) - Achieve the ''Rule Breaker'' stud goal in the ''Back to the Future!'' level

It's been fun. Don't come back (50) - Complete ''Aperture Science'

When life gives you Minikits… (5) - Collect any Minikit within the 'Aperture Science' level

For science… you monster (20) - Achieve the ''Rule Breaker'' stud goal in the ''Aperture Science'' level

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