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Tipp - Top Gun: Hard Lock : Trophäen / Trophies

  • PS3
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Bronzene Trophäen

  • Shake Down
    Complete mission 01 - Welcome To The Gulf

  • Fleet Defender
    Complete mission 04 - Alert Five

  • Spreading Democracy
    Complete mission 06 - High Value Targets

  • You Can Be My Wingman
    Complete mission 11 - Off Mission

  • Freakin' Legend
    Complete mission 14 - The Big One

  • You .. Are Still Dangerous
    Complete bonus mission - You Can Be Mine

  • Last Man Standing
    Complete any Danger Zone mission

  • OK-3 Landing
    Make a successful landing on your first attempt in any mission

  • Maverick's Dead
    Defeat Maverick in mission 02 - Best Of The Best

  • Top Gun
    Win the trophy in mission 12 - TOPGUN

  • Danger Close
    Complete a Danger Close objective without damaging any allies

  • Ghostrider
    Complete all stealth sections in the game without being detected

  • Commendation
    Get silver or gold stars on 10 campaign missions

  • Perfect Record
    Get gold stars on all 15 campaign missions

  • Try, Try And Try Again
    Replay any campaign mission and improve your score

  • Near Death Experience
    Complete any campaign mission without dying, after being below 25% health

  • Splash One
    Get your first air-to-air combat kill

  • Your Tax Dollars In Action
    Destroy 5 target drones

  • Ace Pilot
    Destroy 5 aircraft

  • Ace Of Aces
    Destroy 25 aircraft

  • Air Supremacy
    Destroy 100 aircraft

  • Last Of The Gunfighters
    Destroy 25 aircraft using only guns

  • Good Tone
    Destroy 25 aircraft using missiles

  • Hard Locked
    Destroy 25 aircraft in Hard Lock mode

  • Got Your Six
    Score 10 "Got Your Six" bonuses for destroying a target in a hard lock.

  • Got Your Frag
    Score 10 "Got Your Frag" bonuses whilst destroying a target in a hard lock.

  • In Your Face
    Score 10 "Close Quarters" bonuses for destroying aircraft within 1000m

  • Always The Bridesmaid
    Score 10 "Assist" bonuses for damaging an aircraft that an ally destroys

  • Going Evasive
    Successfully evade a missile

  • Tank Buster
    Destroy 25 armoured vehicles

  • Bunker Buster
    Destroy 10 bunkers

  • Old School
    Destroy 5 bombers by destroying their engines with guns

  • Victory Roll
    Destroy an enemy aircraft with guns while barrel rolling

  • Splash Damage
    Destroy 5 enemies with a single shot

  • I Feel The Need
    Buzz the tower in any mission

  • In The Weeds
    Spend more than 5 minutes flying within 200m of the ground

  • Light The Fires
    Spend more than 5 minutes flying with afterburner activated

  • Does The Rolling Help?
    Perform 100 barrel rolls

  • Racking Up The Air Miles
    Fly a total of 20.000km

  • Team Work
    Win a co-op mission with at least one other player

  • Payback Time
    Score 10 "Payback" bonuses for destroying the last player who killed you

Silberne Trophäen

  • Dissimilar Air Combat Training
    Destroy a super-manoeuverable aircraft while flying an attack aircraft

  • Slippery Customer
    Successfully evade 10 missiles in a row

  • In The Zone
    Win 10 hard lock manoeuvres in a row

  • The Need For Speed
    Buzz the tower in five different missions

  • Give 'em Hell
    Fire every weapon in the game at least once

  • Test Pilot
    Fly every aircraft in the game at least once

  • Instant Ace
    Get a Kill Streak of 5 in a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch game

Goldene Trophäen

  • Five Stars
    Reach Fleet Admiral rank

  • Perfect Record
    Get gold stars on all 15 campaign missions


  • Perfect Record
    Get gold stars on all 15 campaign missions

Top Gun: Hard Lock - Teaser Trailer
Mit Hard Lock erhält die Top-Gun-Reihe einen neuen Ableger für die aktuell gängigen Plattformen; einige Spielsequenzen gibt's im Teaser-Trailer.

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