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Tipp - Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 : Trophäen / Trophies

  • PS3
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Bronzene Trophäen

  • Nepgear: Engage!
    Started up a new game in Gamindustri

  • Gamindustri Graveyard
    View a certain CG Image

  • CPUs, Bound and Gagged
    View a certain CG Image

  • HDD Force Start
    View a certain CG Image

  • Dogootastic!
    View a certain CG Image

  • The Big CPU Gig
    View a certain CG Image

  • Histoire's Nostalgia
    View a certain CG Image

  • CPUs, Unbound and Free
    View a certain CG Image

  • Obligatory Hot Spring Event
    View a certain CG Image

  • LAN Party!
    View a certain CG Image

  • C-C-C-Combo Attack
    Created your own combo

  • It Ain't Alchemy
    Developed an item

  • Lastation's CPU Candidate
    Met Uni

  • Lowee's CPU Candidates
    Met Rom and Ram

  • Nep-Nep's Back
    Neptune joined the party

  • Vert's Return
    Vert joined the party

  • Noire's Revenge
    Noire joined the party

  • Blanc's Vengeance
    Blanc joined the party

  • Gamindustri's Heroine
    Nisa joined the party

  • Gamindustri's Alchemist
    Gust joined the party

  • Gamindustri's Pop Idol
    5pb. joined the party

  • Nepgear mk2
    Nepgear's abilities enhanced

  • Uni mk2
    Uni's abilities enhanced

  • Rom mk2 and Ram mk2
    Rom's and Ram's abilities enhanced

  • CFW Judge, Judged
    Defeated CFW Judge

  • CFW Brave, Humbled
    Defeated CFW Brave

  • CFW Trick, Tricked
    Defeated CFW Trick

  • CFW Magic, Poofed
    Defeated CFW Magic

  • Planeptune Rescue
    Regained Planeptune after its capture

  • Caelus
    Met with Caelus

  • The CPU's Curse
    Obtained the cursed sword of legend

  • IF's Rehab Clinic
    Performed battle for the first time in years

  • Evil's Nemesis
    Fought 100 battles.

  • Battle Master
    Fought 500 battles

  • Combo Champion
    Achieved an 80-hit original combo

  • Take Off, Every CPU!
    Dealt over 100,000 damage

Silberne Trophäen

  • Freshly Grinded Girls
    Everyone reached level 99

  • Normal Ending
    Saw the normal ending

  • Human Ending
    Saw the human ending

  • Planeptune Forever
    Saw the Planeptune ending

  • Leanbox Lover
    Saw the Leanbox ending

  • Lastation Training
    Saw the Lastation ending

  • Lowee's Readership
    Saw the Lowee ending

Goldene Trophäen

  • Delphinus Wrecked
    Defeated the secret boss, Delphinus

  • The Blood of Many...
    Finished the Conquest ending route

  • Happily Ever After
    Viewed the True ending


  • Neptunia Master System mk2
    It's in your blood...a new strain of Neptunia

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