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Patch - Silent Hunter 5 : Extra Patch für die Sammler-Edition

  • PC
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Wer die Collector's Edition von Silent Hunter 5 erworben hat, der bekommt eine gesonderte Fassung des neuen Patches von Ubisoft spendiert.


  • Fix for CO2 not being saved correctly
  • Fix for crew morale
  • Fix for weather being reset to clear weather after load
  • Fixes for crewmen showing under water under certain conditions
  • Fixes for ships exploding in ports or hitting the shore
  • Now plot course tool is no longer accessible in the bunker
  • Several fixes to ship recognition manual
  • Man the deck gun / flak gun orders doesn't cost morale anymore
  • No more crewmembers on burning ships
  • Several crew animation and interaction fixes
  • Fixed some performance problems inside submarine
  • Fixed selection contour being visible when a character was already selected
  • Fixed a bug where the moon was closer than it should
  • Fixed a bug where the sun disk would be visible underneath thick cloud cover
  • Fixed torpedo doors
  • Fixed torpedo propeller not turning
  • Fixed electric torpedoes trail
  • Fixed several dials that were not working inside the submarine
  • Fixed a bug where the player can get stuck in the sub's outer hatch geometry
  • Fixed a problem with magnetic detonators didn't work properly
  • Fixed several localization problems on the German version


  • Compass added to the game interface
  • Return to course order added
  • Depth under keel order added


  • Environmental lighting and effects improvements
  • Improvements on particle performance on single core processors
  • All multiplayer maps will display the same map info as the map on the solo campaign


  • Ports in the North Africa in the German territory are under enemy occupation
  • South Africa supplies: The existence of another ship that looks identically with the targeted one may generate confusion
  • Fixed spawn radius for some convoys (previously spawned on the shore)
Dateiname: silenthunter5_patch_v102_eu_collectorsed.exe
Dateigröße: 107 MB

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