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Patch - MotoGP '07 : MotoGP '07

  • PC
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Ein erster Patch wurde für das Rennspiel 'MotoGP '07' veröffentlicht.


* User can now use ALT+TAB without adverse affect.
* User can view bikes in Career Mode front end when signed in as any profile name.
* Currency is no longer displayed in Sign on Screen
* Player's seed now updates appropriately after completing Multiplayer races.
* Zoom controls function fully on View Bike screen
* Uninstalling Moto GP 07 now clears all registry entries
* Lap Progress counts normally as soon as the spectator starts spectating a Multiplayer Hosted Game session in any Mode
* Shimmering / scan effect no longer visible during turning for users with Radeon 1900 cards.
* Host can no longer start a Multiplayer race alone when a client is seeking to join the host but is still en route to the Lobby
* Game no longer crashes to desktop when player returns to game/race after pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL in Single player
* Game music is no longer heard when the game is minimized while watching saved replay.
* The controller no longer vibrates during a race when selecting any option from the Pause Menu.
* The player no longer receives a personal best time for every track when completing a Multiplayer match after previously having completed a GP Racing Career.
* Colour of player indicators and owners of sections are now consistent on different users' screens during Tag Mode.
* Position of the rider now displayed correctly in Stunt Mode on playing a Multiplayer Extreme Mode Session.
* Players are now able to enter the Qualifying race in Multiplayer mode while attempting to start the race with 10 or more players
* Player name no longer changes its colour in the chat lobby as more players enter the lobby while the players are still chatting
* Players can now view the chat for the client that waited in the lobby after the race start
* Italian Read me file updated & fully translated
* Money is no longer displayed on the sign in screen
* Host is able to Force start the race in multiplayer session, even if clients Alt+Tab from game while in lobby
* All riders in a multiplayer Qualify game no longer spawn at the same point on top of each other
* Only one Track Checklist task is check marked after completing a Clean Lap in Qualify in Racing career
* Players who are not ready to race are now kicked when the host forces a race start
* Lap progress in the lobby now monitors all players in the race and not just the host
Dateiname: motogp07_v11efigs.zip
Dateigröße: 18 MB

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