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Patch - Loki: Im Bannkreis der Götter : Loki: Im Bannkreis der Götter

  • PC
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Ein neuer Patch für 'Loki' steht jetzt zum Download bereit.


  • Corrections to blockages which sometimes happen when changing levels.
  • Correction to a bug on Thor's Anger skill which allowed player to kill NPCs by changing target just after activating skill.
  • Correction to the passive skill magic damage bonuses (Glyph).
  • Correction to Aztec heroine's "Spirit Power" passive skill.
  • Change on calculation of damage inflicted by summonings.
  • Correction to Odin's wolf which sometimes did not follow the hero.
  • Corrections to a crash when a salesman is spawned for a player who is approaching level 200.
  • Correction to Funeral Sacrifice skill.
  • Bonuses gained from relics now function correctly.
  • Booby-trapped chests now only explode once.
  • The status of quest and portal tabs is now saved according to chapter being played.
  • Loading of sound and skill files has been optimized.
  • Limitation on maximum of 10 level difference between players in multiplayer mode has been removed.
  • Adjustment to experience gains in Normal and Hero modes.
  • Adjustment to display of items in the 3D interface.
Dateiname: setup-loki-patch-alllanguages-cd-
Dateigröße: 123 MB

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