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Mod - Joint Operations: Advanced Warfare 2.0 : Neue Version der Mod veröffentlicht!

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Neue Version des Advanced Warfare 2.0 Mods für Joint Operations.


3 new invisible walls to limit the area where players can go in a map. Thanks Cavebear.
- "AW2: Invisible Wall 4x8m"
- "AW2: Invisible Wall 64x128m"
- "AW2: Invisible Wall 4x8m, blocks players but not AIs"
(useful in scenarios where mappers want to contain players inside the fighting area but still want AIs attacking from the outside. In addition this could also help to avoid giving away the respawning position of AIs, preventing spawncamp.)
- " AW2: Beacon Tower w. rotating beam" improved! It now has switchable light.
Default is On. Mappers can turn the beacon light off and on - using the door function.
- Added missing 3rd person minigun sound for helos with miniguns.
Increased volume and sound distance for jets.
Additional ambiance- and sound FX for mappers to use in their maps.
(Ship horn, train horn, military alarm, train crossing, various zombie sleeping, humming and rage attacks, arab song and soldier marsch)
Memory decreased and smaller adjustments for the Explosive Chase maps series.
- AW2 - Explosive Chase - Part 1 - Primary Attack
- AW2 - Explosive Chase - Part 2 - Tunnel Pursuit
- AW2 - Explosive Chase - Part 3 - Escalated Attack
The map "ESC - OP: Dockland Assault - AW2" has been fixed. PSPs are now takeable.
Over 40 new maps made by the AW2 Community! Thanks everybody!
All of them contains loading screens made by Wolfseye.

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