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Patch - Isabell Werth: Reitsport : Isabell Werth: Reitsport

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Ein erster Patch auf Version 1.2 für Frogsters Reitspiel 'Isabell Werth: Reitsport'.

Changelog: 1.02
- Fixed the motricity training level 3, falling at the very first obstacle was corrupting the savegame

Changelog: 1.01
- various Interface clean-ups and minor fixes
- Fixed the player's ranking bug during eventing : the player was ranked lower due to some penalities being added twice to the total
- Fixed the dressage ending animation, when the horse and rider were changing abnormally directions.
- Fixed profiles handling bugs
Dateiname: setup_IWR_12.exe
Dateigröße: 3 MB

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