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Patch - Hotel Gigant 2 : Diverse Fehler ausgemerzt

  • PC
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- Improve task upgrade room
- Input text modified ( fix all the input text too long problem)
- Update goal Average Satisfaction 60->40
- Update minor change on text
- Fix duplicated texture ( room highlight is wrong when adding room area )
- Add version number
- Forbid unit dart if any unit in between
- Fix issue - The Customer has paid for the admission fee at the entrance but the expense has not added back to the customer.
- fix : turn on light in guest room even if failed to reach the light switch
- Fix issue - reset real playing time when starting a campaign scenario
- Fix issue - fix help message when adding items in the external
- fix crash bug of the food menu
- Fix issue - disallow moving room when there are customers inside the room
- Fix issue - reset bed status after pressing 7 days
- Fix issue - disallow resizing room if the room blocks some interacting point of any items
- Fix issue - fix display problem when adding window
- Fix issue - enable context sensitive help setting in the option menu
- Fix issue - disable action button of the message "You have achieved a main goal" in the message log menu when it is in sandbox mode
- Fix issue - do not show cheating card interface in the unit detail menu if the unit is visiting only.
- Fix some path searching problem
- Fix album problem
- Fix upgrade room task problem
- Fix issue - fix the bug on the game limited time in scenario
- Fix issue - fix customer disappear bug
- Fix issue - fine tune the simulation of 7 days for business center
- Fix issue - fix lighting problem when switching world in paused game
- Fix "apply to all tables" bug for decoration on the table in bar,coffee shop
- Fix text problem in food menu

Dateiname: HG2Patch1.1_GER_protected.exe
Dateigröße: 14 MB

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