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Patch - Hitman: Blood Money : Hitman: Blood Money

  • PC
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Der zweite Patch zu 'Hitman: Blood Money' verbessert die Grafik und beseitigt einige Bugs.

- Fixes crash when firing weapon on shaderquality medium on FX cards.
- Fixes lighting issues when running on shaderquality medium FX cards.
- Added Shadermodel select to GFX Configuration application (if model is unsupported then defaults to High).
- "SliOverrde" command added to GFX Configuration application. Select this option to turn off autodetection of Sli as EnableSli command is now performed automatically if SLi hardware configuration detected.
- Soft shadows and hard shadows were incorrectly labelled in the Render Menu.
- Installs msvcr71.dll in to application directory in case file is missing from system.
- Removed optimisation where character models were displayed in LOD3 when redrawn after leaving the screen.
- Smoothed level opening transition with postfilters disabled
Dateiname: hitmanbloodmoneypatch12_ger.zip
Dateigröße: 10 MB

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