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Patch - Gratuitous Space Battles : Drei neue Karten hinzugefügt

  • PC
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* Performance: Freed up memory usage of challenge list now once you quit the challenge list screen.
* Bug Fix: Hopefully a final fix for the unclickable buttons and occasional flicker at the top of the screen in fullscreen mode on certain video cards.
* Mod Support: You can now have a comma-separated list of randomly picked weapon sounds in module files.
* Mod Support: Module stacking effectiveness can now be positive values (>1.0) and this value is no shown in the GUI alongside everything else.
* [campaign] Support for extra maps for the campaign.
* [campaign] Rebalancing of campaign game to make it easier overall and start with higher resources
* [campaign] Fixed corrupt data in new ships log entries. Existing entries may remain corrupt though.
* [campaign] Added 3 new maps!

Dateiname: GSBGalacticConquest156.exe
Dateigröße: 1 MB

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