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Mod - Fallout 2 : Umfangreiche Erweiterung - von Fans!

  • PC
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Zu Fallout 2 wurde nun das Restoration Project in der Version 1.2 veröffentlicht, das ihr kostenlos von unserem Server laden könnt. Beim Restoration Project handelt es sich um eine Modifikation, die neue Szenarien und Inhalte in den Rollenspiel-Klassiker integriert. Wer sich Fallout 2 also wieder installiert, sollte sich die interessante Mod ruhigen Gewissens anschauen.

Im Paket enthalten sind im Übrigen die deutschen Textdateien.


Game Changes:

• There is now a diplomatic way to end the Kaga encounters.
• New dialogue for Flick after setting up the orphanage in the Den.
• Primitive Tribe now has its own unique music.
• Contaminating the SAD is now reflected in the New Reno ending.
• Harold's desk now has the yellow pass key which opens the doors in the Gecko Power Plant.
• The Cult of Personality and Karma Beacon perks have now been fully implemented.
• Robots that are destroyed at the SAD are now replaced - only on the Repair Level.
-It is possible to prevent the robots from being replaced.
• Solar Scorcher is no longer obtainable from the Guardian Portal encounter. Instead, it is found at the EPA.
• Changed weapon placement at the EPA to improve overall game balance.
• Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran.

Bug Fixes:

• Corrected numerous typos
• Fixed issue with Hakunin's locked chest.
• Planting normal seeds in Arroyo no longer crashes the game.
• It is no longer possible to get the "Figure out who's rustling the brahmin" quest after the Dunton's are dead.
• Cleaned up code involved in the Den gang war questline.
• Fixed bug with Harry not going to jail after you turn him in for giving guns to the Vault Village.
• Heavy clean up to the Vault Village questline.
• Fixed typo in the description of the Collect Food quest for the Vault Village.
• Removed debug code from the Brain's script which caused everyone to think the reactor was fixed after looking at his description.
• It is no longer possible to administer the jet antidote to Fannie in Redding yourself. It is only possible to cure Fannie through Lou.
• Fixed bug where leaving the map right after giving Fannie money would make it impossible for Fannie to OD on jet.
• Fixed dialogue scripting bug in Nikki's dialogue.
• Cleaned up Ranger code and how they react to the Slaver's camp quest.
• It's finally possible to fly the Vertibird from Navarro to the Enclave - was accidently not included in 1.1
• Gas mask now works inside the Broken Hills mine.
• Using the elevators at the EPA should no longer crash the game.
• Doors that use the ABRE password are no longer bugged.
• Killing the plants outside the EPA with the plant spray should no longer cause the quest to kill them to become unresolved.
• Fixed day/night lighting problems at the EPA. Only the botanical (green) level has a day/night cycle.
• Fixed some bugs with the Doctor at the EPA.
• The warrior at the Primitive Tribe will accept either regular or sharpened spears.
-Fixed all bugs associated with this quest.
• Fixed the bug with fixing the well at the Primitive Tribe.
• Serin should no longer be found stuck inside walls or not show up in places he should.
• Removed the explodable rocks near the water at the Abbey.
• The quest "Inform brother Thomas and father Tully about the whereabouts of each other" is miss-named. It should be Samuel and not Thomas. This has been corrected.
• Failing to steal from the Slavers at the Slaver camp should cause them to become hostile.
• Your car will no longer be left at the Slaver camp when you bring Sulik's sister back to the Primitive Tribe.
• The guards at the Hubologist stash are no longer unarmed.
• Restored the missing graphic to the watch at the Hubologist stash.
• Numerous other bug fixes/code optimizations not worth mentioning in detail.

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