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Patch - Fable: The Lost Chapters : Update für die MacOS-Version

  • PC
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The game has the following updates over and above the previous version

Fixed - Font appears as squares on NV 9xxx and NV 1xx series cards
Fixed - Game crash with slash in the folder path
Fixed - Photo Viewer, red X displayed for weekdays with accents [Italian only]
Fixed - User is unable to select latest save if save number goes above 30
Fixed - User is unable to launch the game on a second monitor [MacBookPro]
Updated - Support Report
Updated - Add Case Sensitive HDD check when launching game
Updated - Title Hangs when entering gameplay [MacBookPro]
Updated - Stability and Performance Improvements
Updated - New Built-in Software Update mechanism

Dateiname: fable_multi_language_installer_v3.zip
Dateigröße: 26 MB

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