Patch - Drox Operative : Wöchentlicher Patch für Mac

  • PC
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  • improved the next/prev race buttons a little
  • made exit buttons on race relations and technology pages more consistent
  • increased damage of EM Burst and Lightning Cannon (Sedlex)
  • changed botnet benefit from +attack to *direct hit (Sedlex)
  • increased power load for Dynamic Frequency Generators by 50%
  • increased computer active boosts by about 50% (Sedlex)
  • fixed a rounding issue that sometimes results in a crew level up with not stat raised (Cheet4h/Crisses)
  • fixed a couple spacing problems in general tips dialog (ScrObot)
  • changed XP capitalization (ScrObot)
  • slight change to Asexual description (ScrObot)
Dateigröße: 8 MB

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