Patch - Drox Operative : Wieder neuer Mac-Update

  • PC
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  • fixed a spacing problem in one of the Lithosoid race dialogs (Steve)
  • fixed escape not working on Drox screen (ScrObot)
  • added 5 more anomaly variations
  • fixed missing QuestAnnounceNeededItemUltimateWeapons translation (dtolman)
  • fixed super swarm thanks text (Roswitha)
  • fixed drug wave thanks test (Roswitha)
  • fixed containment field breach spelling (Roswitha)
  • fixed Armageddon monster spelling (Roswitha)
  • fixed WarCriminal translation (and other renegade types) (Roswitha)
  • fixed wishes to steal our collection typo (Roswitha)
Dateiname: droxpatch0919.exe
Dateigröße: 3 MB

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