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Tipp - Dragon's Dogma : Trophäen / Trophies

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Bronzene Trophäen

  • It Begins
    Completed the prologue.

  • Onward
    Departed from Cassardis.

  • A New Ally
    Summoned your own pawn.

  • Getting a Head
    Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.

  • The Courier
    Entered Gran Soren.

  • Writ Large
    Received a writ from the castle.

  • Come Courting
    Attended an audience with the duke.

  • The Message
    Received the duke's commendation.

  • Rough Landing
    Completed the urgent mission.

  • Destiny
    Accepted the Godsbane blade.

  • Treacherous
    Peered into the very depths of the world.

  • Freedom
    Escaped the yoke of eternity.

  • Mercy
    Dealt the blow of deliverance.

  • Solitude
    Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty.

  • Servitude
    Soar unto a new world.

  • Peace
    Took refuge in an illusion.

  • Closure
    Put an end to all things.

  • The Laborer
    Completed 50 notice board quests.

  • The Hero
    Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

  • Human Resources
    Changed your vocation.

  • The Specialist
    Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

  • The Veteran
    Defeated 3,000 enemies.

  • Headshunter
    Defeated a hydra or archydra.

  • Eye Contact
    Defeated an evil eye.

  • Serpents' Bane
    Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

  • Local Recruit
    Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

  • Foreign Recruit
    Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

  • The Captain
    Enlisted a large number of pawns.

  • Inhuman Resources
    Changed your main pawn's vocation.

  • The Savior
    Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

  • The Knave
    Obtained a forgery.

  • The Craftsman
    Combined two materials to make an item.

  • Well Equipped
    Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

  • A Queen's Regalia
    Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

  • The Philanthropist
    Gave 50 presents.

  • The Escort
    Acted as a reliable travel companion.

  • Affinity and Beyond
    Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

  • Into Dripstone Cave
    Entered the azure caverns.

  • Into the Ancient Quarry
    Entered the ancient quarry.

  • Into Soulflayer Canyon
    Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.

  • Into the Manse
    Entered the duke's manse.

  • Into the Frontier Caverns
    Entered the southwestern caves.

  • The Tourist
    Visited 50 locations.

  • The Vagabond
    Visited 100 locations.

  • The Patron
    Helped Madeleine open her shop.

Silberne Trophäen

  • The Hero
    Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

  • The Specialist
    Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

  • Dragon Forged
    Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire.

  • The Explorer
    Visited 150 locations.

  • The Coin Collector
    Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

Goldene Trophäen

  • Closure
    Put an end to all things.

  • The Messiah
    Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

  • The Ever-Turning Wheel
    Completed the adventure a second time.


  • The True Arisen
    Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.

Dragon's Dogma - Launch Trailer
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