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Patch - Siedler 2: Die nächste Generation : Siedler 2: Die nächste Generation

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The Settlers(r) II - 10th Anniversary Update to version 9800/9801

This file contains information about new features and changes to the game included in this update.

Patch 9801
1. Patch from Release version #9212 to Patch 1 #9800: Campaign progress

Patching the game to 9800 caused campaign progress to be lost.

If you need to restore the Single Player campaign progress from the earlier version, follow these steps: a. start Microsoft (R) Windows (tm) Explorer
b. go the Settlers folder. The default is "C:Program FilesUbisoftFunaticsThe Settlers II - 10th Anniversary"
c. Double-click on "settlers_2_10th_anniversary_9800_hotfix.exe"

"settlers_2_10th_anniversary_9800_hotfix.exe" restores the config file to the settings and campaign progress you had before installing patch 9800.

2. Additional Fixes

a) The MP lobby password is no longer visible.

NOTE: Forgot your password? Just open "My DocumentsS2usersdefault00.cfg"

b) Crash with saved user maps containing more than six player positions: Fixed.

c) Additional stability and usability improvements.
Dateiname: s2dng_patch9801.zip
Dateigröße: 18 MB

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