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Patch - Deponia : Bugfixes für das Adventure

  • PC
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Fixed Issue #1: White cutscene videos / Engine
Description: Engine issue where cutscene video sequences are not being played and instead user only sees a white screen has been fixed.

Fixed Issue #2: Invisible mouse cursor / Engine
Description: Engine issue where mouse cursor is invisible has been fixed.

Fixed Issue #3: General stability and performance / Engine
Description: Engine memory management has been improved for better stability and performance.

Fixed Issue #4: Slingshot / Chapter 3
Description: Manual deconstruction of slingshot in chapter 3 has been disabled.

Fixed Issue #5: Nodding bird and balloon / Chapter 1
Description: Combination of nodding bird and balloon full of laughing gas will no longer result in disappearance of the whole balloon package.

Fixed Issue #6: Mine maze / Chapter 2
Description: Problem with slow CPU PC systems that are not able to finish the mine maze in chapter 2 has been fixed. Users whose PCs suffered from this issue should skip the mine maze minigame to move past the issue spot.

Fixed Issue #7: platypus soft toy / Chapter 3
Description: When you first need to bring back Goal to Cletus in chapter 3, Rufus does not ignore the Organon soldiers anymore when you combine any item with the platypus soft toy under the board.

Fixed Issue #8: graphical issues
Description: Some little unbeautiful graphical issues are solved

Fixed Issue #9: textual issues
Description: Some differences between text and speech are solved

Fixed Issue #10 Hotspot issues
Description: the problem that sometimes the cursor doesn´t change when choosing a hotspot is solved

Fixed Issue #11 Memory issues
Description: some memory problems, caused Deponia to crash on some machines, are solved

Dateiname: Deponia_PC_Patch_1.1.5_De_Daedalic_noDRM.exe
Dateigröße: 298 MB

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