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Cheat - Def Jam Fight For NY : Cheats für Musikstücke

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Cheats für Musikstücke

Gebt unter Extras die folgenden Cheats ein, um die jeweiligen Musikstücke freizuschalten:

Cheat Song
LOYALTY After Hours by Nyne
MILITAIN Anything Goes by C-N-N
CHOPPER Blindside by Baxter
BIGBOI Bust by Outkast
CHOCOCITY Comp by Comp
AKIRA Dragon House by Chiang
PLATINUMB Get it Now by Bless
GHOSTSHELL Koto by Chiang
GONBETRUBL Lil Bro by Ric-A-Che
KIRKJONES Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
RESPECT Move! by Public Enemy
POWER Original Gangster by Ice T
ULTRAMAG Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MC's
SIEZE Sieze the day by Bless
CARTAGENA Take a look at my life by Fat Joe
PUMP Walk with Me by Joe Budden

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