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Patch - Crusader Kings II : Frische Änderungen der Mac-Version

  • PC
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  • Faction System
  • Characters can have both a Plot and an Ambition
  • Retinue System support for the Legacy of Rome DLC
  • Orthodox and related religions have Autocephalous Patriarchs and the Pentarchy
  • Rebalanced Combat, with more focus on leaders and their traits. More leader traits.
  • Liege levies. You only raise levies from your direct vassals, and they are not directly connected to Holdings.
  • A number of self improvement Ambitions for characters
  • New religions: Miaphysite, Nestorian, Monothelite
  • Two new Bookmarks: The Alexiad and The Latin Empire
  • AI: Improved military AI
  • Major speed optimizations
  • Greatly reduced graphics memory load
  • Plugged some memory leaks
  • New events for characters with the lunatic trait
  • Spymaster's Discover Plots job has been renamed to Scheme, and now also affects faction membership
  • New icons added to all decisions

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