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Call of Juarez Official Multiplayer MapPack 1

Note: The MapPack requires a full version of the Call of Juarez game (version

1. Content

The package introduces 8 new maps into the multiplayer game. Each map is playable in all four game modes (deathmatch, skirmish, robbery and goldrush).

Maps are:
Burrito - a nice, small provincial town; fast paced map with original and outstanding feel, requiring lots of coordination and tactical organization.
Crusade - outlaws plunder a small church on a hill, and lawmen are on a crusade to stop them and turn back the peace of the holy place. A 'king of the hill' style map.
Den - circle-based town, with some stables, a church, a few shops... and a bank just waiting for well done robbery. Much vertical action.
El Paso - two carriages delivering gold are in the town, and the outlaws are ready for action. But so are the lawmen! Very small town, requiring much tactical teamwork.
Getaway - a narrow and twisted canyon, with outlaws escaping with stolen gold and lawmen trying to catch up. Requiring much more tactical play than any other map so far.
Mine Encounter - lawmen have prepared an ambush in an abandoned mine, outlaws are trying to make their way through. A map for agile players who know how to surprise their foes.
St. Peter's Gate - two bands meet up unexpectedly in a narrow mountain passage. Many will be off to St. Peter's Gate from here... Small, fast paced, close-quarters map.
Twilight - bandits have prepared an ambush for the gold delivery train, but there's also the Mayor's house with another sack of money to defend. A big, night map for 16 people.

2. Thanks to...

The pack has been prepared with lots of help from the CoJ community (, who know the game the best already... Thanks folks, the pack wouldn't be here now if we didn't get your help in testing!

=7=Silent-Shadows™ and the rest of =7= clan:
This guy helped organizing the whole thing on the CoJ forum, and I think I can call him the (unofficial) Lead Beta Tester for this very mappack.

Mark '=WAC=Crow' Bayless and the rest of WAC clan:
Sent in a whole bunch of ingame movies, screenshots and comments. Very picky :P

=7=Yul Brynner
=7=Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday (aka TEZRO)
iSKarioT aka dah 'C'
MadDog aka Majkel

These amigos took an active part in the tests, thanks guys!

Thank you very much for buying our game, and thanks for downloading this pack!
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