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Patch - ArmA II: Reinforcements : Aktuelles Update für die Erweiterung

  • PC
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An original version of Arma 2: Combined Operations / Operation Arrowhead / Reinforcements 1.50-1.60.


  • Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.
  • It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead installation.
  • Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, 
  • if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.

NOTE: This patch will also update your:

  • ARMA 2 1.05 to 1.11. (note: ARMA 2 version 1.00-1.04 must first use patch 1.0x to 1.05)
  • ARMA 2 BAF 1.00 to 1.03 if necessary.
  • ARMA 2 PMC 1.00 to 1.02 if necessary.
  • BattlEye within ARMA 2, ARMA 2: OA, ARMA 2: RFT to actual revision


  • New features: FXAA Anti-Aliasing mode, user-definable memory allocators, new scripting commands, new commandline options
  • Multiplayer is much smoother, no more warping, includes number of fixes, optimizations and improvements
  • Netcode, VON and dedicated server fixes plus configuration additions in place
  • Singleplayer received visual states smoothing and prediction (notable e.g. on distant units)
  • AI is improved, especially (but not only) in combat, AI has received numerous bug fixes 
  • Aircraft & Helicopters simulation received slight improvements
  • ARMA 2, ARMA 2: OA, ARMA 2: EW campaigns and stand-alone missions received special treatment to get rid of most from really annoying bugs
  • official expansions & product combinations unified in way to allow easier operation of all distributions (separated installs/Steam/Desura) for build-in expansions manager
  • Documentation to accompany these changes is available on our community wiki BIKI: http://community.bistudio.com/ and our BIForum http://forums.bistudio.com/
  • ARMA 2: BAF and ARMA 2: PMC got their share of fixes too
Dateiname: ARMA2OA_Update_160.exe
Dateigröße: 704 MB

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