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Patch - Armed Assault : Armed Assault

  • PC
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Improved clarity and reliability of Voice over net
Increased contrast of light for all weather conditions
Bullet impact is now visualised also on all objects and vehicles
2D optics now support wide screen aspect ratio correctly
Various AI, UI, gameplay and stability improvements and tweaks
New texture detail "Default" that autodetects the amount of VRAM. Recommended Texture Detail setting for users of cards with more than 512 VRAM.
Reworked logic of teamswitch to make it more suitable for detailed manual squad command control
Full support for multiple airports
A bit faster and more fluent radio protocol

Engine Change Log
- Fixed: Very long MP mission name could cause crashes or freezes
- Fixed: UI - Double click on listbox scrollbar does not launch the listbox action now
- Fixed: Optics were deformed when using other than 4:3 screen ratio
- Fixed: Tanks were having troubles driving up the stones
- Fixed: Functions createGroup, createUnit now fully works in MP
- Fixed: AI now gets in vehicles on the positions where dead units are
- Fixed: Gear dialog is closed when player dies
- New: Weapons - optics camera can have a different direction than muzzle direction now
- Fixed: UI - Gear display - icons for empty slots
- Fixed: Mission loading screen - missing text given in onLoadMission
- Fixed: When failed to join to a locked server, the correct cause is shown now.
- New: Mission editor - year control in intel dialog
- Fixed: UI - Missing addons error message - show the list of missing addons
- Fixed: VoN sources management to prevent some sounds not audible in multiplayer
- Fixed: Tow missile weapons are guided after they are fired.
- Fixed: AI - gunners was sometimes unable to fire simultaneously
- Fixed: Functions getVariable, setVariable can be used for more object types now
- Fixed: MP crash sometimes happened after deleteVehicle on some person
- Fixed: Actions menu - drawing of arrows when scrolling is enabled
- Fixed: Tanks were thrown in the air when colliding with some destructed buildings
- Fixed: Gear action did not sometimes work in buildings (high over surface)
- Fixed: MP - multiplication of magazines when putting them into a full crate
- Fixed: UI - listboxes with texts of different color - color of selected text
- Fixed: Game running in full screen had invisible but clickable window areas (close, minimize)
- Fixed: Helicopters - state of hovering autopilot was not saved nor transferred in MP
- Fixed: Touch off action available also in vehicles now
- Fixed: Watch and GPS minimap forced not to be shown in cutscenes.
- Fixed: In-game UI - In wide-screen aspects, the aiming cursor disappeared outside the UI area of the screen
- Fixed: Dedicated server - ban.txt was locked for edit during the game
- Fixed: MP mission statistics can be written to the file given by command line argument -ranking=...
- Fixed: Invisible magazine when player get in vehicle during reloading and get out again.
- Added: function clearVehicleInit
- Fixed: Movement config - entry primaryActionMaps telling what action maps will be loaded first (and so used for initialization of movement)
- Fixed: RCtrl is no longer reserved for combos, it can be used as a separate key as well.
- Fixed: Keys with dik code greater than 128 (numpad, some special keys) can now serve as combos.
- Fixed: AI no longer starts firing in Hold fire unless the enemy is really threatening it.
- Fixed: Helicopter center of rotation is now center of mass, not rotor mast.
- Fixed: Improved AI and autohover hovering stability.
- Fixed: Position of Present call in the frame changed to improve Alt-Tab stability and work around possible driver errors.
- Fixed: Reduced texture memory requirements for little varied parts of the terrain.
- Fixed: M1A1 was never turning out in safe or careless mode.
- Added: function nearTargets
- Fixed: MP - Helicopter could appear as destroyed when in fact it was unharmed.
- Fixed: MP - more reliable transfer of damage status of vehicles to other clients.
- Fixed: Better VRAM allocation estimations for nVidia 8800 card, resulting in less frequent missing textures.
- New: Cheat Shift+Minus FLUSH to allow to manually flushing all VRAM allocations to restore performance if needed.
- Fixed: AI no longer uses RPG/LAW for looking at unknown enemies.
- Fixed: AI target position accuracy sometimes was fluctuating a little bit for distant targets.
- Fixed: AI Commander no longer commands individual targets when using weapons which gunner can operate autonomously, like machine guns.
- Fixed: AI could be stuck on Seek and Destroyed waypoint when group consisted of one vehicle with multiple crew positions.
- Fixed: Some Joystick buttons have fixed function in UI and game.
- Fixed: Improved radio protocol fluency by binding words together.
- New: VoN 2D voice volume is now controlled by radio volume.
- New: Console output of dedicated servers can be logged to file specified in the server config entry logFile.
- Fixed: Reduced occurrences where AI characters walked through each other.
- New: MP Statistics table now indicate who is speaking over VoN by flashing given players name.
- Optimized: Text rendering optimized, should make situations where a lot of UI text is rendered faster.
- Added: functions isKindOf, sizeOf
- Optimized: Terrain rendering uses less CPU.
- Fixed: Improved VRAM managment for ATI cards with Catalyst 7.3 or newer.
- New: Support for larger texture cache with new Texture Detail level "Default", useful for cards with over 512 MB VRAM.
- Fixed: Flare disappearing is now smooth near screen edges.
- Fixed: Wall and other obstacles now provide better shielding against explosions
- Fixed: Voice over net was not working when DS and client was running on a single PC
- Fixed: VoN connection established by retranslation through server Game socket when NAT negotiation fails
- Fixed: Memory manager sometimes flushed caches too deeply, causing short intensive disk activity.
- Fixed: VoN peer to peer connections are kept alive by sending special packets
- Fixed: Voice over IP direct speak is made louder now.
- Fixed: Improved Voice codec quality, bandwidth for voice increased from 6 kbps to 8 kbps
- New: Speex1.2 beta 2 used as VoN codec
- Fixed: VoN voice clipping is reduced now.
- Fixed: Dedicated server crashes when retranslating VoN packets through Game Socket.
- Fixed: Increased rudder authority for airplanes, improved AI using rudder while engaging.
- Fixed: Briefing was sometimes cut on the right edge.
- Fixed: MP: Crash when ammo created via createVehicle killed the player.
- Fixed: Overall quality indication in the options changed for large view distances.
- Fixed: Laser target acquire distance for AI was limited by rendering distance.
- Fixed: Removed delay between target creation and its line of sight being tested. Should help laser targets and dynamically created vehicles.
- New: Config entry vonCodecQuality to set VoN codec quality on dedicated servers (default value is 3, can be value from 1..10).
- Fixed: AI subordinates now follow leader orders even when was stopped before by the Team switch
- Fixed: Team switch shortcuts (previous / next unit) accessible also when map is shown
- Fixed: Flap actions no longer present in the action menu for plane with no flaps.
- New: Event handlers LandedTouchDown and LandedStopped
- Added: functions id setAirportSide side, airportSide id, plane landAt id, plane assignToAirport id
- Fixed: Group leader left by team switch no longer orders some commands
- Optimized: Reduced amount of data transferred when JIP into a complex and long running mission.
- Fixed: Bugs in VoN OpenAL source management.
- New: Animation controllers gmeterx, gmetery, gmeterz
- Fixed: Connection to GameSpy during dedicated server reporting was sometimes lost (Windows 2000 SP2 or newer are required now)
- Fixed: Scripting function soldier moveInCargo [vehicle,position] was not implemented.
- Fixed: Tanks now slow down when destroying a tree or other big objects.
- Fixed: Scripting function person moveInTurret [vehicle,[x,y,z]] crashed when [x,y,z] was invalid.
- Fixed: External camera was sometimes forced close to the person when some tree or bush was behind it.
- Fixed: Changing audio options while playing MP could cause VoN not working or crash the game.
- Fixed: MP: setPos and setDir effects are now transferred across the network.
- Fixed: In some situations, Rearm / Repair / Refuel did not fill all

Data Change Log


fixed Maverick rocket indirect hit range (to match other rockets)
set damageResistance
only one Maverick per target is used now.

Ah1Z fire geometry fix
2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect

set damageResistance
balanced helicopter armor and hitzones, so they survive emergency landing but remain vulnerable to AA gunfire
Tweeked texture of 2D optics


set armor and damageResistance

Fixed wrong "stand" links in several action maps
introduced primaryActionMaps
Ladder moves reworked (rifle moves introduced)
Transition erc rfl low to pne added
Interpolation for AI movement erc stp ras rfl to erc spr low rfl added

fixed shadow problems with small insects

fixed maping in 1st LOD of castlehelfenburg.p3d
fixed "empty or no skeleton" errors for hotel and kostel_mexico
fixed Z-fight flickering on misczidka03
fixed shadow volume at brana02nodoor.p3d
fixed top roof ladder in Tovarna2
miscrunway_papi* increased shining flare

Getting rid of hardcoded strings
Fixing turret errors on some of the library objects
Bouys are not reported by AI anymore

Map repacked to lower VRAM usage
Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip,
Added drawTaxiway value

Fixed clan for all civilian
deleted faulty last lod of np_soldier_pilot


increased armor of sanbags fence to 800 (equal to fortress)
decreased arnmor of barrels and pallettes to 20 (equal to civil car)
empty skeleton error on armored target fixed
paletaA, paletyC, paletyD fixed fire geometry
Bilboard_Revolucion_bez_noh.p3d changed damage settings
drevena_bedna.p3d changed damage settings

Map repacked to lower texture usage

Bush moved from gate.
Terrain adjusted, pavement accessible.
Rock moved, scaled, rotated.
Terrain of Pita runwaz flattened.

Added class SecondaryAirfields, 3 more ILS definitions in it.
Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip
Added drawTaxiway value.

Church bell sounds had wrong paths

2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
T72, M1A1 changed comander_out view + improved hitpoints
T72, ZSU, M1A1 fixed fire geometry

set damageResistance
HUD reworked for M113 variants
HUD removed for ambulances
set real T72 and M1A1 main turret elevation
Tank commanders have new 2D square optics, some optics models cleaned
tweaked 2D optics of brdm

Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitInfoNoHUD as default no hud class
Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitVehicle, that works together with compass hud


zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons

Enabled landrover police version
Increased magazine loads on ammo trucks
HUDs for armed vehicles changed to work with compass

2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
G36 fixed after 1.07 beta

redesigned indirect hit and ranges for HE ammo and explosive hit
small arms amo now has tracers only in arcade, reduced visible fire too
changed ammo audible/visible settings
defined Vickers mgun tracers
all SD ammo defined as subsonic
reduced GBU12 bomb indirect hit to not harm that much distant tanks
M24 uses traceless ammo
AmmoBoxes.hpp + cfgVehicles.hpp
ammocrates destruction
VehicleWeapons.hpp - PKT 100rnd mags introduced, mag.reload times balanced for all MGuns
MP5 magazines have names now.
M16 GL, AK GL and M4 ACOG+GL have new grenadelauncher ironsights
add in readme: Grenadelauncher ironsights can be now used for aiming on 150m distance, in case M4 it is 200m
GP-25 set to correct 40mm ammo
tweeked textures of 2D optics of acog, ags and soflam

2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect
M16A4 GL and M16A4 ACOG+GL have added ironsights for grenade launcher and new view axis
Burst rate of fire for M16A4 changed, required cahnges in config.cpp of all 4 versions. |

changed ammo audible/visible settings
ammo B_25mm_HE indirectHitValue fixed

2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect

set damageResistance
zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons
Tweeking 2D sights
Humers and Landrover with turret no more injures gunner while getting out.

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