Patch - Revolution Under Siege : Weiterer Patch ist da

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Gameplay :
- Siberian and Southern Whites now can directly build brigade size formations (4 or 5 regiments each)
- Siberian whites can now build field hospitals, signal units and tachankas.
- Reds will now evacuate Minsk region before the Polish attack.
- Can now upgrade depots
- AI improved (more offensive if affordable)
- Ammo bug cleared
-Change Prisonner bug fixed
- You can now create divisions only if the division commander is of the same nationality or have a correct double nationality ability, compared to his troops.

Bugs :
- The Brusilov Event text is now working in the Poland campaign
- Depot and forts construction bugs is now corrected
- Lenin, Anarchists and French-Greek abilities are now working

Game Balance :
- Trotsky should die less often

Manual :
- French manual is now available here :

Graphics :
- Jack and One Armed Mexican new portraits are in

Dateigröße: 104 MB

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