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Patch - Zombie Driver : Zusätzliche Inhalte im Patch

  • PC
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  • added Blood Race game mode
  • added new Muscle Car for the Blood Race mode
  • added new Slaughter Train Station map
  • added a second car paint for every vehicle (unlockable in Blood Race mode)
  • added new vehicle destruction system with destructible 3d car parts
  • added car respawn key
  • added Polish localization
  • new positional sound system
  • new improved smart camera with longer view distance and smoother movement
  • enhanced car physics to allow full 3d motion e.g. turning over
  • added support for full story voice over


  • added startup menu sound device selection option
  • added startup menu sound disable option
  • added startup menu gamepad disable option
  • added particle effects when gathering repair pickup
  • added sparks when a car collides with an obstacle
  • added ambient sound playing in background
  • added highlight and camera shake on player death
  • added misc new envinronment models for the story mode
  • new translucent water shader
  • new main menu background
  • new collision system for destrucible props
  • tweaked car physics script
  • tweaked car speed upgrade
  • improved vehicle audio
  • improved zombie audio
  • fixed a few collision problems on the main story city map
  • fixed skidmark texture mapping
  • tweaked volume parameters for most in-game sounds
  • removed option to post highscores to Twitter (caused by a Twitter authentication API change)
  • lots of small tweaks and fixes
Dateiname: ZombieDriver_BloodRace_Patch_1.2.2_en_pl.exe
Dateigröße: 358 MB

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