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Patch - X3: Terran Conflict : Neue Updates und Features

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Dieses Update zu X3: Terran Conflict bringt wieder einige neue Bugfixes mit sich, dazu gibt es aber auch eine Handvoll neuer Features und lohnt sich deshalb für alle, die den Titel noch immer spielen. Den Download des Updates startet ihr völlig kostenfrei von unseren Servern.


This update brings new content for you to enjoy including the Treasure Hunt story mission, large Crystal Fabs and a significant performance boost!

Version 2.1 also features:

* The functionality for the game to continue running while in windowed mode or minimised
* Smarter Universal Traders and Mobile Miners
* Improved marine information
* A fix for lazy sector patrols
* A new mission to buy local asteroid information
* Many interface tweaks
* Several issues fixed

New Features and Improvements

- The Treasure Hunt Story Mission
- A fabled, unique ship to acquire
- Improved performance
- New Large Crystal Fab factories
- New functionality to run the game in the background, located in the gameplay options menu
- Improved tractor beam tow behaviour
- Improved Universal Trader
- Improved mine minerals command
- Added scan single asteroid command
- Several script optimisations
- Added sector camera button to the sector map
- Improved sector camera contrast
- Additional marine information in trade, freight and ship info menus
- Additional ship information in shipyard and HQ menus
- Reduced the number of crystals needed for the HUB repair mission
- Added mission service to buy asteroid information
- Several missiles rebalanced


- Defend sector command fixed
- Patrol command fixed
- Freight transfer with multiple freight drones fixed
- Fixed the unbuyable drone factories in shipyards
- Fixed incorrect enemies during corporation missions
- Fixed several issues in freight scan mission
- Fixed several minor plot and generic mission issues
- Fixed marine selection during boarding
- Fixed marines being replaced by passengers after boarding pod destroyed
- Fixed several Mission Director bugs
- Fixed diagonal cursor movement in the sector map
- Incorrect station wrecks for Xenon stations removed
- Incorrect Terran station icons fixed
- Fixed Argon Gladiator right missile launcher
- Fixed Terran Skirnir forward missile launchers
- Fixed asymmetrical turret configurations on several ships
- Fixed compatible lasers for the Springblossom rear turret
- Fixed several ship graphical issues
- Minor improvements and bugfixes

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