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Patch - World of WarCraft: Cataclysm : Update von v4.3.3 auf v4.3.4

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  • A new Submit Bug button has been added. Clicking this option will open a report dialog box, along with basic instructions on what to include in your bug report.
  • A new Submit Suggestion button has been added. Clicking this option will open a text dialog box, along with a description of what to include in your suggestion.
  • The Report Lag button has been removed.
  • The Report Abuse button is now called Report Player.
  • The Report Player function offers four categories: Spamming, Language, Name, and Cheating.
  • Reporting a player for Cheating now opens a text window in which a description of the occurrence can be written.
  • Reporting a Name opens a window with three categories: Player Name, Guild Name, and Arena Team Name. There is also a text field for optional information.
  • Report Player now includes text and visual instructions for how to submit a report.
  • Right-clicking a character’s portrait now offers additional reporting options.
Dateiname: wow-update-434de.zip
Dateigröße: 7 MB

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