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Patch - World in Conflict : Strategie-Hit mit neuen Karten

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Zu World in Conflict gibt es einen neuen Patch auf Version 1.011. Das Update könnt ihr von unserem Server herunterladen.


New features:

- Four new multiplayer maps:

* do_Apocalypse - Deep in the jungles of the Mekong, Soviet and U.S. forces struggle for possession of a vital intelligence dispatch.
* do_Canal - A tranquil canal divides Soviet and NATO forces as they fight for control of a small French Village.
* do_Studio - In an attempt to crush the morale of the hated Americans, Mother Russia has decided to attack the heart of their enemy’s entertainment industry!
* do_Tequila - A sleepy Mexican village is shaken out of its siesta by the sound of roaring Soviet and U.S. tanks.

Units and balancing:

* All Anti-Air Strike timings are now much more similar, based on the USSR version.
* NATO Air-to-Air Strike has a changed animation of the airplane and is now identical to US and USSR.
* NATO Air-to-Air Strike missiles now have the same speed as on the US and USSR Air-to-Air Strike.
* Visual change: Ground marker on the Air-to-Air Strike changed to more accurately reflect target area. This does not in any way affect the functionality of the TA.
* Infantry squads now drop with a larger spread.
* Infantry squads now have a larger formation spread after move orders.
* Forest clearing has been removed from all units except for artillery units and special abilities on medium tanks.
* Medium Helicopters has had a decrease in health.
* Medium Helicopters has had a decrease in missile and cannon range.
* Medium Helicopters now has decreased cannon blast damage.
* US Medium Helicopters can now fire at targets behind it, making it more similar to the other factions.
* Medium Artillery has had its maximum range decreased.
* Medium Artillery Special Ability now has increased reload time.
* Medium Artillery now receives less reload time improvement when leveling up.
* Visual change: Changed the special ability effect on US/NATO Medium Artillery to a larger WP cloud, lingering flames and slight terrain deformation. Overall duration now matches gameplay effect.
* Tweaked deployment zones on do_Mauer in favor of USSR.
* Tweaked deployment zones on do_Fjord in favor of NATO.

Bug fixes:

* Changed the health of a stone bridge that had 50% more health than it should. All bridges should now be destroyable with two Laser Guided Bombs.
* Fixed a bug where infantry squads would sometimes get deselected when a member of the squad died.
* Fixed a bug where Sniper units inside buildings would sometimes fire at units they did not have line of sight to.
* Fixed a bug where infantry would run out of the forest when dropped from a helicopter.
* Fixed a bug where the LOS shader would in some cases calculate incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where the movement lines in the megamap would remain after the units had been ordered to stop.
* Fixed a bug where the stone bridge used on do_Canal and as_Hillside would move when terrain was deformed close to it.
* Fixed a bug where the server would crash when certain orders were stacked.
* Fixed a bug that caused heat-haze not to render.
* Slight tweaks to USSR Medium Artillery special ability: crater size is more consistent, and the effect no longer occasionally fails to play an impact sound.

Dateiname: world_in_conflict_1.010_to_1.011_d2.exe
Dateigröße: 408 MB

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