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Patch - Wolfenstein : Der neue, internationale Patch

  • PC
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Analog zur ebenfalls veröffentlichten deutschen Version des Patches zum Shooter Wolfenstein, haben wir hier auch die englische Version für euch.

Das englische Original-Patch-Log im Überblick:

  • Players will now receive their proper gold and stats at the end of the match instead of occasionally losing their gold and upgrades
  • New legal text
  • Global chat is now UNavailable in spectator mode
  • Objective explosions don’t count towards team kills (they will however still kill a player)
  • The dedicated servers will now sort correctly by ping
  • A waiting bar has been added when waiting for the servers to appear
  • When the player goes into the game, the auto-assign selection is highlighted gold instead of black
  • Competition mode (all unlocks available, option to turn off the arrows above enemy players)
  • MP43 and MP40 are adjusted in terms of damage, range and accuracy.
  • Pressing T will bring up the chat box without also entering the letter T as the first letter
  • Panzershrek has more splash damage
  • Veil Sight drains veil energy more quickly
  • Ironsights is more effective
  • Amount of ammo picked up off of dead players is reduced.
Dateiname: Wolfenstein_1_2_PatchSetup.exe
Dateigröße: 50 MB

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