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Patch - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines : Neues inoffizielles Update veröffentlicht

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Es gibt mal wieder einen neuen inoffiziellen deutschen Patch zu Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, der das Spiel auf Version 6.3 hievt.

Die Patch-Details im Überblick:

(+) Denotes changes only available to Plus Edition players.

  • +Added Mitnick quest for library card and changed Gary's quest items.
  • +Increased Dragon's Breath damage and created a separate round type.
  • +Placed a katana into Fu Syndicate and a girl into VV's private pool.
  • +Added humanity point and lines for giving Lily's items back to her.
  • +Swapped crossbows in temple basement with Steyr AUGs like in ending.
  • +Removed humanity loss for killing victims at the Hallowbrook hotel.
  • +Added explosion and boss flag for the Venture Tower Dominated guard.
  • Fixed missing Dima and Russians issues and cop and Bruno subtitles.
  • Improved Gargoyle logs and delayed phone dialogues to fit animation.
  • Fixed edicts errors generated by use of Auspex, thanks to SunBlade.
  • Exchanged Venture Tower guard models and armed them with Steyr AUGs.
  • Fixed Arthur/Knox issue and Kiki's standing hair, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Corrected Beckett bonus dialogue and two missing Ocean House sounds.
  • Removed three more plus items to improve basic patch compatibility.

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