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Patch - UFO: Afterlight : UFO: Afterlight

  • PC
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* Clicking on empty space when all vehicles were at the home base caused the
game to lock up
* Completing a capture mission sometimes yielded a different interrogation
research than expected or none at all
* Capture missions for Reticulan factions didn't appear again if you failed
to complete those missions or if they timed out
* Matriarch Interrogation research item didn't show up in the research list
until you researched Matriarch Autopsy first
* Beastman Anatomy training for Reticulans displayed a wrong icon
* Fixed a peacetime trade contract with Reticulans where they should have
offered crystals for items, but only requested items without offering the

* DVD check removed (no need to insert the DVD every time you play the game)

Dateiname: ufo_afterlight_patch_1_6_c.exe
Dateigröße: 13 MB

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