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Patch - Two Worlds : Two Worlds

  • PC
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Das nächste Update für das Rollenspiel 'Two Worlds'.

Changelog 1.4

For points marked with *) game has to be started from the beginning: Main Menu ->Start New Game.
Using save games will disable patch functionality for those points and may lead to unexpected results.


*) - Monsters strength and HP rebalanced
*) - Bandits strength rebalanced
*) - Bows strength rebalanced
*) - Melee combat weapons rebalanced
*) - Traps rebalanced
*) - Magic rebalanced
*) - Skills rebalanced
*) - Skill requirements rebalanced
*) - Equipment requirements rebalanced
*) - Weight rebalanced
*) - Objects stacking rebalanced
*) - fighting from horse - not so powerful
*) - Immunity added to some enemies (e.g. skeletons are immune for piercing and slashing, fire dragons are immune to Fire)

New features:

- Faster graphic rendering on nVidia Graphic Cards.
- Moving/selling multiple objects - with Left Ctrl pressed.
- Vit., Str., Dex., Willp. - timed potion effect displayed in inventory.
- Inventory space increased.
- New graphic settings added DOF, Horizon, water reflections, hit info, player info
- Bow auto aiming option added
- Magic aiming cursor visible even if attacking spell is not highlighted
*) - Killing NPCs inside houses - invisible for other NPCs
*) - 4 new armour sets added.
*) - More Animals in villages (hens, ducks, gooses).
*) - Magic shop near first teleport in Komorin.
*) - Brotherhood shop at Vesit Delurna Coral.

Fixed bugs:

*) - Soulpatcher gives more points than you actually have - fixed.
*) - Quest with Nellor - fixed
*) - Fariel is dying killed by spider.
*) - Death strike skill fixed.
*) - Guards harassing player after paying one of them with 30% - fixed
*) - torches stacking
- Many clipping bugs on various maps - fixed.
- Disarming arrow - crash - fixed
- Not working heavy maces -fixed
- Bombs explosions - fixed
- Horse behaviour - improved
- screens zooms while upgrading a skill
- game crash when buying spell card magic hammer and trying to add it directly to my active spell.
- If you set the spell bar focus to a defensive spell you can't use a hotkey of any offensive spell that needs a target because the char doesn't aim (and all the spells will hit the floor). It would be good if the cross-hair is always visible
Dateiname: 2W_PATCH_13_to_14.exe
Dateigröße: 177 MB

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