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Patch - Trials Evolution: Gold Edition : Viele Verbesserungen für den Editor

  • PC
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  • [PC EDITOR] The mouse's position is reset to the corner after using "UNDO".
  • [PC EDITOR] Losing controller UI after saving track, have to press start to use controller again
  • [PC EDITOR] wrong texts on sky properties
  • [PC EDITOR][CRASH] Moving event after changing value on slider using controller causes game to crash
  • [Video Resolution] Player names are misaligned and also overlap the position indicator in online multiplayer when player uses 4:3 resolutions to play the game
  • [Menus][Options] Scrolling not working using keyboard/mouse scroll
Dateiname: trials_1.01.exe
Dateigröße: 185 MB

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Trials Evolution Gold Edition
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