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Patch - Trials Evolution: Gold Edition : Nächstes Versions-Update folgt zugleich

  • PC
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  • Problems with multi-GPU hardware are being worked on with card manufacturers and should be fixed with upcoming driver updates (for now we will show a popup to players to inform them about the issue and its workaround)
  • Rendering issue that caused 3D content to be rendered in lower resolution than the one player had selected is fixed
  • Video rendering options improved when rendering replay to be uploaded to YouTube (fixes stuttering visible in all current videos)
  • Game crashing in License tests with some hardware combinations has been fixed
  • Viewing a replay of a track loaded from Track Central doesn’t allow you to restart and ride the track as the character from replay or rate it anymore
  • Pressing B or “back” on the “Please reconnect” screen no more quits you to the desktop (you must manually choose to quit if you don’t want to play offline)
Dateiname: trials1.01_1.02.exe
Dateigröße: 183 MB

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