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Patch - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder : Diverse Verbesserungen im ersten Patch

  • PC
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What's New:
Fixed a crash when attempting to eject players from the server setup
Fixed a crash when canceling a join attempt via IP address
Fixed a few text errors in demolitions kits
Restored original limping wound behavior
Fixed some corrupted text display issues in the action interface
Fixed incorrectly scaled text in stat cards
Cleaned up the display of some reticules
Corrected a few typos in Island Thunder weapons
SA-80 is now available with no explosives kit restriction
Shifted team assignments in cold war kit restriction
Ping indicators now function correctly with dedicated servers
Corrected issues with drivers and gunners when restarting a mission
Fixed some issues with server scripts loaded through the shell
Fixed untextured grenade problem when deactivating Island Thunder
Fixed visual glitch with multiplayer marine demolitions model
Increased avatar weapon volume slightly
Fixed potential cheat circumventing kit restrictions

Dateiname: GR_Patch_4_German.exe
Dateigröße: 5 MB

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