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Patch - Take Command: 2nd Manassas : Take Command: 2nd Manassas

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Paradox Interactive® - Take Command: 2nd Manassas - Patch 3

Patch Game Version 2.53
November 17, 2006


Run the exe and make sure you set the install folder exactly where you have the game installed.



1. Modders can now create their own maps. Please see the MadMinute Games forums for details.
2. The new warpack tool can examine and find mistakes in csv files for modders.
3. New Ini File

losticks is the amount of milliseconds per frame spent on los calculations
speedmulti will be multiplied by the milliseconds per frame, this will allow people with machines that are running too fast to slow down the game
By setting showsmoke and/or artyeffects to 0 you can speed up the frame rate by disabling the display of smoke and explosions.

4. Added column F height to the map csv files to specify the height of the foliage
5. If you hit the follow key 'F' once, you are in follow mode and look where the unit looks, if you hit the 'F' key again you will still move with the unit, but will be able to look around. Hit it again and you will leave follow mode.
6. Added a keymap.ini file so that players can remap the basic keys of the game.
7. Added another Zoom level, it now toggles twice.
8. Added new command "forcepath", this will allow any unit to find their own road path. They will still use their leaders, if their leader has a path, unless they are detached.



The following fixes were applied in this patch:

1. OpenPlay now saves the time of day, command radius, and other flags in the saved games.
2. There was an issue where the hard drive was being hit often during play, this is now fixed.
3. Various items in unitcommon.csv were fixed.
4. Rare CTD located and fixed.
5. Clicking the 4 stars at the top of the regiment OOB screen now works.
6. Fixed an los issue through woods.
7. Fixed an issue where ammo wagons would not respond to the TC all command
Dateiname: tc2mgermanpatch3.exe
Dateigröße: 5 MB

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