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Patch - Supreme Commander : Supreme Commander

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Ein weiteres Update für Chris Taylors Strategie-Hit 'Supreme Commander'. Um den Patch auf Version 1.1.3254 ausf+hren zu können, solltet ihr zunächst Patchversion 1.1.3251 installieren.

Supreme Commander v1.1.3254:

-Shields now protect against UEF and Cybran strategic bombers.
-Disconnection dialog now updates properly, and quiet times will not get stuck at five seconds.
-Aircraft carriers that are building aircraft can no longer be attacked by Interceptors or Air Superiority Fighters.
-Fixed issues relating to how T3 artillery fires.
-Children of children will now die correctly when Czar/Atlantis dies.
-Cybran T2 Sonar hit points increased.
-Engineers will no longer assist a shield generator if the shield has been destroyed. They will now wait until the shield comes back up before assisting
-Strategic Missile Launchers will no longer play the 'Strategic Launch Detected' voice if you simply select a spot to nuke.
-UEF T3 Sonar Platform's rate of fire decreased and damage increased.
-Corona damage radius changed from 0 to 1. This effectively reduces the DPS of the unit.
-New Ferry Beacon Icon.
-Fixed issue that prevented players from moving the cursor to lower third of screen.
-Fixed exploit that let players permanently move the CDR off map.
-dbg_ballistics is no longer usable with cheats off.
-Fixed crash that occurred when players pressed and held middle mouse wheel down and then pressed the End or Home key in game.
-Transport-related tweaks.
-Introduced 500 structure build queue limit.
-Sacrifice retuned
EDIT: Originally incorrectly stated that could not sacrifice on ACU/SCU upgrades; this is still viable but has been retuned..

-Replays downloaded from the GPGnet Replay Vault will no longer cause the replay dialog to fail.
-Sacrifice Exploit on paused SCU/SCU corrected.
Dateiname: supcom_patch_113251_to_113254-2.exe
Dateigröße: 1 MB

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