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Demo - Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville : Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville

  • PC
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Auf 60 Minuten begrenzte Demo zum Offroad-Racer 'Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville'. Enthält die komplette Vollversion.

Sprint Cars Road to Knoxville

Quick Start Guide

System requirements:

* Please be sure that your computer matches or exceeds the system requirements displayed on the box.


* Place the Sprint Cars: The Road to Knoxville into your CD-ROM Drive. If Autorun is enabled, the program will start automatically. Click on Install then follow the on-screen instructions.
* If Autorun is disabled, click on Start, Run, then in the Open line type D:Launch.exe (where D: is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) and click OK. Click on Install then follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: For Windows XP please be sure you have administrator rights to install and play the game.

Direct X® 9.0

During installation Sprint Cars: The Road to Knoxville, you will be prompted to install DirectX® 9.0. If you do not already have DirectX 9.0 installed follow the on-screen prompts to complete the DirectX installation.

We strongly recommend that you obtain the latest DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers for your video and sound cards. Using drivers designed for an older version of DirectX can have unpredictable results. Updated drivers are typically available at no charge through your hardware manufacturer's website.

For additional information on DirectX 9.0 please visit www.microsoft.com/directx.


* Double click the Sprint Cars: The Road to Knoxville icon found on the Desktop, or...

* Click on Start, Programs, Sprint Cars: The Road to Knoxville and Sprint Cars: The Road to Knoxville icon.


Default Configuration

Left arrow key Steer Left

Right arrow Key Steer Right

Up Arrow Key Accelerate

Down Arrow Key Brake

Space Change View

[ Glance Left

] Glance Right

F8 Glance Back

Quote " apostrophe ' key Shift up

? (question) / (forward slash) Shift Down


Welcome to the world of Sprint Car Road to Knoxville games - the total Sprint Car, ¾ Midget and Open Wheeled Modified racing experience. Race in six gameplay modes including an extensive multi season career mode. Play as a driver or as a team owner or both it's up to you how you want to earn your prestige and money.

Sprint Car Road to Knoxville offers you over 20 tracks from across the U.S including famous tracks such as Knoxville Raceway, Eldora Speedway, Dodge City Raceway Park, and Williams Grove Speedway. Your opponents will be tough but you can gain extra speed off of them by drafting. Be careful though, if you're too aggressive you'll make enemies and it won't be easy to get around the track with a vengeful opponent resisting your attempts at drafting or blocking your race line.

How to Drive in the Dirt

When you race on a dirt track you'll notice that it's much different that racing on a paved track. In dirt racing you actually want to slide around the corners. This is known as a powerslide. The trick is to maintain control as you slide through the turns. Using the brake and the gas while you turn around the corners will allow you to control the slide. Practice racing in Rookie mode to get a feel for how to turn your car on several tracks. Short tracks, banked tracks and longer tracks offer different challenges. Learn to master each track to become a well rounded driver.
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Dateigröße: 172 MB

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