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Version History for Space Empires V

Version 1.25:
1. Fixed - Surrendered empires would suddenly lose all of their population.
2. Fixed - Subjugated populations should not migrate.
3. Fixed - Hitting cancel on the Load / Save Game window during a game would send you to the Game Start window and not back to your game.
4. Fixed - Mouse pointer would still be hidden after the first ground combat.
5. Fixed - If you turned on the "View Names" and the "View Damage" in combat, then they would overlap.
6. Fixed - Improved AI's use of fleets (they don't sit waiting for ships as much).
7. Fixed - AI will now check to be sure safe locations to move are still safe.
8. Fixed - AI Satellite design tweaked towards heavier weapons.
9. Fixed - AI was not building as many units as it should.
10. Fixed - The Ships List and Planets List windows were not showing reduced flag sizes correctly.
11. Fixed - In a Simultaneous Game, if you created a design, saved the game, ended your turn, then processed the game turn, the game would have two copies of your new design.
12. Fixed - Ships moving to their destination on their last movement point were not clearing their orders.
13. Fixed - "Planet Utilization" tech area increased to 40 levels.

Version 1.24:
1. Fixed - Vehicle names in the Strategic Combat window will now wrap to the next line.
2. Fixed - Long text in the Vehicle Design Report would sometimes not be right aligned.
3. Fixed - The vehicle types in the Designs Window would go into the scroll bar.
4. Fixed - You can now use the "Fire On" order with no movement points.
5. Fixed - You can now use the "Self Destruct" order with no movement points (but the ship must still have a functioning self-destruct device).
6. Fixed - You can now use the "Analyze Components" order with no movement points.
7. Added - Field "Space Combat Allow Retreat" which controls whether vehicles can retreat in space combat.
8. Fixed - You cannot retreat into a sector where there are visible enemy ships or planets.
9. Added - Bar indicators to fleet display in the ship list on the main window.
10. Added - Bar indicators to unit group display in the ship list on the main window.
11. Fixed - Fighters launched from a planet were only getting 1 movement point.
12. Fixed - When unit groups enter combat as a group, they will evenly divide the supplies and ordnance between them. When units are launched in combat, then they take the maximum supplies and ordnance they can from the parent (even if later units will not get enough).
13. Fixed - Multiple ships warping at the same time would result in overlapping loud sound effects.
14. Fixed - Alliance votes per billion population was always returning 1 vote.
15. Fixed - Speed up for system display load.
16. Fixed - Eliminated "empty solar system" view when moving ships.
17. Fixed - Speed up of ship movement when it has a long movement line.
18. Fixed - Ships would not move into damaging storms.
19. Fixed - Wave - Motion Gun was underpowered.
20. Fixed - Edited vehicle designs were not showing current supply and ordnance storage amounts.
21. Fixed - If "Graphic Detail" = High, then textures will be in 32 bit color (if supported), otherwise they will be in 16 bit color.
22. Changed - Increased per level improvement of shield generators and armor.
23. Fixed - Emissive armor would not work if the damage amount was greater than the damage resistance. Now, the emissive armor damage resistance is subtracted from the damage done.
24. Fixed - Attempting to save an empire would cause an error.
25. Fixed - Emperor and Empire name in the status bar would sometimes overflow the boxes.
26. Fixed - Speed improvement for Log List display with a large number of items.
27. Fixed - In Simultaneous Games, sometimes too many combats were occuring on the very last phase.
28. Fixed - Weapons which were rolled a value to miss their target, could still hit the target if it wandered into the weapon's path.
29. Note - All weapons have a 1% chance to hit, and a 1% chance to miss, no matter what the bonuses are.
30. Added - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Get_Alliance_Anger_Towards_Player".
31. Fixed - Sometimes AI's would endlessly add and remove you from an alliance.
32. Fixed - Disabled the carriage return on the Player Setup - History tab.
33. Fixed - The Fleet Transfer window would cause an error if the game was minimized and restored, or Alt-tabbed back to.
34. Fixed - Some blue buttons wouldn't reload after a minimize or an Alt-Tab.
35. Fixed - In the combat simulator, sometimes planets would switch from a simulated empire to a real empire when hit with damage.
36. Fixed - Increased organic tech using AI's percent of farming colonies.
37. Fixed - Decreased amount of space AI was using for Supply and Ordnance storage on its designs.
38. Fixed - Script function "Sys_Get_Best_Facility_With_Ability" now retrieves the highest scope, then highest level facility with the ability.
39. Fixed - AI will not longer put Ordnance Storage on ships that don't need ordnance.
40. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Total_Supply_Usage".
41. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Total_Ordnance_Usage".

Version 1.23:
1. Fixed - Ships were launching too many fighters in a combat replay.
2. Fixed - Not all fighters launched were showing up in the combat replay.
3. Fixed - The Combat Replay would sometimes show double damage from weapons.
4. Fixed - Improved some of the choppy movement of units.
5. Fixed - In DamageTypes.txt, Damage Percent for armor and shields can now be zero or negative and it will not skip that section entirely when applying damage.
6. Fixed - Script function "Sys_Can_Facility_Be_Upgraded" was not working.
7. Fixed - AI was not upgrading its facilities correctly.
8. Fixed - Improved AI purchasing of vehicles.
9. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Facility_ID".
10. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Highest_Facility_Level".
11. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Physical_Type".
12. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Atmosphere_Type".
13. Fixed - Improved AI selection of Colony Ships to construct.
14. Fixed - Improved AI selection of attack system.
15. Fixed - Resupply At Nearest order would sometimes send you to a place which had ordnance but no supply.
16. Fixed - Ai would sometimes gives its fleets the same ID number.
17. Fixed - Builtin script function "reallist_set" was not working.
18. Fixed - Component information should show on the Design report when looking at Enemy Designs in the Designs window.
19. Fixed - When a non-owner views a vehicle design report, the "Obsolete", "Maintenance Cost", and "Strategy" should not show even in combat.
20. Changed - Increased the happiness for planets when their ships are in the same system or sector.
21. Fixed - AI was not sending ships to planets when they were rioting.
22. Added - Cheat code "runturns X" which will run X turns with all players as computer players.

Version 1.22:
1. Fixed - AI will no longer try to move vehicles with zero movement to a space yard for retrofit.
2. Fixed - Units launched during combat were not showing up in the combat log replay.
3. Fixed - The Empires window was drawing alliance empire flags incorrectly past 4.
4. Fixed - If an empire joins an alliance, then all of its current treaties are lost.
5. Fixed - The Communicate window was drawing race icons incorrectly.
6. Fixed - If an empire is in an alliance, it cannot engage in treaties with other empires.
7. Fixed - In 3 or more player combats, the game was not using treaty settings for allies.
8. Fixed - In the Load/Save Game window, the Game Type text would not move with the window.
9. Fixed - If you loaded or started a new game from within combat, the order buttons would remain combat buttons on the Main Window.
10. Fixed - If you loaded or started a new game from within combat, the combat simulator would error when adding ships.
11. Fixed - Ability "Component - Weapon To Hit Percent" was not working correctly.
12. Fixed - In the Create Design window, a weapon report would show mount modifiers even if the weapon could not use the mount.
13. Fixed - Abilities "Intelligence Defense Modifier" and "Intelligence Offense Modifier" were not working correctly.
14. Fixed - Ability "Experience Rate Percent Change" was not working.
15. Fixed - Abilities "Supply Generation Modifier Percent" and "Ordnance Generation Modifier Percent" were not working correctly.
16. Fixed - Abilities "Tonnage Repair Component", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Component", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Facility", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Ship", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Unit" were not working correctly.
17. Fixed - Removed "Point Generation Modifier - Culture" from Government Types.
18. Fixed - Abilities "Planet Population Assimilation", "Planet Population Environmental Tolerance", "Planet Population Loyalty", "Planet Population War Tolerance" were not working correctly.
19. Fixed - Abililities "Race - Loyalty", "Race - Migration" were not working.
20. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Order_Count".
21. Fixed - AI Fleets were getting new orders even when they had old ones.
22. Fixed - Too many of the AI's had Tyranny for Government Type.
23. Fixed - Improved AI's assignment of colony types.
24. Fixed - AI was not scrapping facilities if it needed space for a spaceport.
25. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Facility_ID".
26. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Upgrade_ID".
27. Added - SE5_Modding.pdf to the "Docs" directory. This document details all of the fields in the datafiles, abilities, and formula functions.
28. Fixed - In sequential turn based games, the text "Processing after all players turns" would sometimes show between player turns.

Version 1.21:
1. Fixed - After a retrofit, ships would only get half movement because they had no crew. The crew was not restored because the planet had the wrong kind of population. Ships will only recrew at planets.
2. Fixed - The game will determine if you don't have rights to save in the savegame folder and will instead use the My Documents folder.
3. Fixed - Logging in as the Host to a game would result in a black screen.
4. Fixed - Processing the turn as Host would show and hide the button bar.
5. Fixed - Loading a game from within a game would not launch the login window.
6. Fixed - If the generic flag for an empire was missing, then the game would not load. If any images for an empire cannot be found, the game will pick a new image set for the empire.
7. Fixed - Reduction in combat replay file size.
8. Fixed - An error would occur when a scrap order could not be executed.
9. Fixed - When you save a game manually, the Multiplayer Savegame Filename gets set to that new name.
10. Fixed - A little smoother combat replay.
11. Fixed - Missing ship sets were not being replaced when a host was processing a turn.
12. Fixed - In the Launch/Recover window, recovering more units to a ship than it could hold would cause the game to lockup.
13. Fixed - Increased the starting size and size increase per level of satellites, mines, and troops.
14. Fixed - Turn-based games on different machines were still showing combats for AI players.
15. Fixed - You cannot select Tactical Combat in a Turn-based different machine game.
16. Fixed - Units in ground combat were never missing.
17. Fixed - Having more than 5 selected victory conditions would crash the Comparisons window.
18. Added - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Design_ID".
19. Fixed - Script function "Sys_Get_Number_Of_Units_In_Space_Sector" was always returning zero.
20. Fixed - Script function "Sys_Space_Object_Scrap_Cargo" was not working.
21. Added - Script function "Sys_Give_Space_Object_Order_Scrap".
Dateiname: se5patch_v125.exe
Dateigröße: 5 MB

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