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Patch - Space Empires V : Entwickler bessern weitere Fehler aus

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Version 1.74:
1. Fixed - AI script for purchasing initial technology would sometimes repurchase existing levels.
2. Fixed - "Sys_AI_Setup_Get_Research_Points_Remaining" was returning an incorrect value.
3. Fixed - "Sys_AI_Setup_Select_Tech_Area" was returning false incorrectly at times.
4. Fixed - In a no intelligence game, the AI would still build Intelligence facilities.
5. Fixed - Sometimes the processing of a game turn could result in an unloadable game file.
6. Added - "All Shipsets Get 360 Degree Center Firing Point" to Settings.txt. This field adds an additional firing point to all shipsets that is directly in the center of the ship and fires in a 360 degree arc. This field is mainly used for shipsets that don't have a complete firing field for their ships.
7. Fixed - The expected benefits for a tech level would sometimes not show all items.
8. Changed - Decreased damage per level increase for smaller weapons.
9. Fixed - In Simultaneous games, changes made to a planet would not be included in the orders file if the player made the changes, saved the game, and reloaded the game before ending their turn.
10. Fixed - May have fixed the duplicating design problem during simultaneous games.
11. Fixed - Long text strings without spaces would sometimes not be displayed in message boxes.
12. Fixed - Sometimes the combat replay log file would get junk in it.

Version 1.73:
1. Fixed - The Resupply At Nearest order was only sending a ship to the nearest location which currently had both supply and ordnance available. It will now first pick a site with supply and ordnance available, if that fails it will pick a site with supply available, and failing that it will pick the nearest site that generates supply.
2. Changed - The restriction that fighters can only be launched once per turn has been removed.
3. Fixed - Units recovered from space retain their last movement amount for the turn. If they are relaunched in the same turn, they will have their same movement amount as when they were recovered. If they are launched into a group with full movement, then the group will now have the minimum movement of all units present.
4. Fixed - When units are recovered from space, they also transfer with their percentage of supply and ordnance from the group (they used to transfer with their maximum supply and ordnance amount possibly leaving the remaining group with insufficient supply and ordnance).
5. Fixed - You were unable to remove the last 1M of a population on a planet, even if there were other populations present.
6. Fixed - AI players did not have their starting tech levels in place when running the setup script.
7. Changed - Sys_Get_Treaty_Elements_Between_Empires now takes a 4th parameter which is a sub element list. This list is filled to the same size as element list and contains the sub item selection for each treaty element.
8. Fixed - AI was not getting all log messages from the Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Log_Entries_For_This_Turn function.
9. Fixed - In Simultaneous games, sometimes a ship with an odd movement amount (like 13) would not get its last movement.
10. Fixed - In Simultaneous games, an emergency propulsion component would not give additional movement correctly.

Version 1.72:
1. Fixed - "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Upgrade_ID" was taking incorrect parameters.
2. Fixed - "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Specific_Facility_Count" was taking incorrect parameters.
3. Fixed - "Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Package_Selection_List" was defined in the doc incorrectly.
4. Fixed - Rare "Range Check Error" in the Comparisons window.
5. Fixed - May have fixed corrupted large savegame problem.
6. Fixed - Using the hotkey, you could set enemy planet colony types.
7. Fixed - Unmothball order was not working.
8. Fixed - Remote mining was not lowering asteroids value.
9. Fixed - Ground combat would sometimes lock the game for the TCPIP Host.
10. Fixed - Players created through combat simulations were sticking around and causing the game to error.

Dateiname: se5_uk_v174.exe
Dateigröße: 13 MB

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