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Patch - Sega Rally : Sega Rally

  • PC
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Ein neuer Patch für 'Sega Rally'.

SEGA Rally Patch 4.060

Shader 2.0 shadow fix
Player change button disabled when rewinding Time Attack Replay
Thread-safe network statistics
Timeout for network start-up
Improved Ghost Upload
Graphical Shadow improvement
Improved Ghost car behaviour when online
Loading screen correction after failed ghost upload
Ghost file handling improvement
Ghost upload no longer takes place when rank is below 100
Cursor fix on On-Screen Keyboard used for chat
Leaderboard fixes to place '?' until leaderboard update takes place
Fix to allow online ghosts to be accessible
Head to Head user interface fix for overlapping icon
User Interface flow issue fixed
Shadows and Motion blur removed from Front End
Fix for lock buffer exception crash
Improvements to the Chat system
Online Session update fix
Improved game compatibility
Online fix for connectivity
Fix for displaying total car miles
Improved online game search
Timeout added to account creation and deletion
Front end flow improved for Head to Head
Account creation timeout fixed
Connection dropout handling improved
Uploading and Downloading Ghosts fixed
Account Sign In fix
Legal Screens can no longer be skipped
Improved language support
Missing icon replaced in Front End
Icons fixed for Russian distributions
Alt-F4 now handled more gracefully
Improved online experience with updated server data
Blank leaderboard fixed
Sign In buttons fixed
Updated Chat menu
Chat file handling fix
Gamer Pictures added to online experience
Text Scaling fix in Front End menu system
Chatting whilst going into an online race fixed
Audio loading moved to improve performance
Improved Alt-TAB support
Online Menu update in Front End
Leaderboard caching to improve leaderboard performance
Aspect Ratio in Launcher corrected and filtered
Flashing Textures fixed
Graphic tab in launcher layout improved
Audio fix to Front End
Fix for exiting the game with an Xbox 360 Controller
Fix for car mud at low resolutions causing a crash
Improved PC Clock update accuracy
Main menu and Pause menu audio matched
Co-Driver audio faded out on entering menus
Fix for race not starting in specific circumstances in lobby
Audio fix for post race glitches
Multiplayer online championship points reset between championships
Lap counter fixed in online games
Online game searches fixed when a large number of games exist
Font corrections for hi resolution displays
Front end flow to highlight correct menu item in lobby
Shadow improvements
Game Launcher improvements
Improved game clock synchronisation
Improved Xbox 360 Controller support
SSE1 Optimisations
Head to Head enabled
Bonnet flash between camera cuts fixed
Glow reset between races
Front end fixes for help text
Dateiname: SEGARally.PC.Patch.v4.060.exe
Dateigröße: 46 MB

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