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Patch - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky : Auch Download-Variante aktualisiert

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Saved games from versions 1.5.04 - 1.5.09 will work with version 1.5.10.

General changes:
* fixed renderer critical errors
* fixed Alt+TAB task switch error, when the OS didn't have other windowed applications running

Single player:
* fixed an error with stalkers using non-combat smart-covers during fight

Network game:
* fixed an error with different CD-key case
* console command make_config_dump no longer leads to game crashes
* console command make_config_dump no longer leads to FPS reduction
* improved anti-cheating system
* added important packages encryption feature
* extended the number of parameters transferred by make_config_dump console command
* changed the system of banned player check

Dateiname: stkcs-tol-pack-efigspcjh-patch-any-10.exe
Dateigröße: 71 MB

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