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Patch - Restaurant Empire II : Update für die englische Version

  • PC
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  • It fixes a compatibility issue with computers having more than 2 CPU cores, that occurs in the second campaign's TV show match-3 mini-game.
  • Some 3D cards does not support the game's shadow rendering system, causing to crashes. This patch attempts to get around the crash by automatically disabling the shadow when such incompatibility is detected, thus allowing the game to run.
  • The game will test the compatibility of the video card when it starts. If the video card is too low-end and is not supported, it will display an error message informing the user of such incompatibility.
  • It fixes a bug in scenario 12 that occurs in the Hydro Shop.
Dateiname: RE2_English_patch_v103.exe
Dateigröße: 4 MB

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