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Patch - Painkiller: Redemption : Patch für digital heruntergeladene Version

  • PC
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The major changes include:

- Fixed some map design flaws and glitches like slowly closing doors and points where you can "leave" the level
- Fixed random crash on map loading with script error or no error caption
- Fixed 1st map glitch when player was unable to collect all items and destroy some items
- Fixed "Multisamling" word in graphic options. Now It's correctly named "Multisampling"
- Fixed several smaller bugs and crashes in engine
- Removed pillars in the area of the Endboss
- Tweaked AI of Endboss
- Improved shadows on last map

Dateiname: Painkiller_Redemption_103a_EN_ddpatch.exe
Dateigröße: 112 MB

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