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Patch - Making History: The Calm and the Storm : Making History: The Calm and the Storm

  • PC
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Ein weiterer Patch für 'Making History'.

New Features include:

* You can now play as any nation in single-player mode.
* Air squadrons now have two movement options:
o You can Rebase a squadron to a new location within its flying range in one turn.
o You can Move a squadron to a location outside its flying range, but the move will take multiple turns, and crossing oceans may require transports. The number of turns required will depend on the unit’s range.
* Deficits matter:
o Industrial production output will be penalized for nations that run a financial deficit. This change emphasizes the economic dimensions of production and trade. To reduce a deficit, you may wish to switch cities’ production to goods which you can then trade for income, and stockpiles of food or resources are also useful for trading. It is also more costly to keep a large standing army, as military maintenance costs (in Arms) is increased.
* Rally points: You can specify rally points for cities that are producing land forces, and land forces produced there will immediately move to the rally point region. When you select a city, the map will display an arrow to that city’s rally point.
* Aid deals now affect diplomatic relations: Diplomatic relations between nations are improved when they sign aid deals.
* City upgrade rules have been modified:
o A city can be upgraded only when the city is at the top of the previous range.
o Cities whose output has been reduced by bombing to a lower tech level are now downgraded to that level.

System Modifications:

* Combat now includes an air combat phase.
* The algorithm for computing financial points has been modified.
* Rules have been modified for picking a new capital when the current capital falls. The new rules favor larger cities and cities in home regions.
* Food production bonuses and penalties have been restructured.
* Region upgrade payments are now spread across the time the upgrade is in progress.

AI Improvements:
Many AI tweaks and improvements have been made, including:

* Rebasing of air forces by AI nations is more restrained.
* Improvements to peace treaty evaluations.
* Nations will also now always try to grow IPUs in owned cities.

UI Changes:

* Added scores next to names in Alliance and Ideology map views.
* Added notification for alliance name changes.
* Peace treaty UI has been improved.
* Improved the placement of sea units and engagements in the same region.
* Improved feedback on production penalties.

Bug Fixes:

* This patch includes fixes to many bugs found by our beta testers, including:
* Fixed observer and Game Server mode bugs.
* Fixed bug in calculation of land unit movement on sea.
* Fixed bug in alliance notification (showed a ‘left alliance’ notification when you had not left alliance).
* Fixed lockup bug caused when two players chose the same nation at the same time.
* Fixed bug with saved games when game was saved while decision point was pending.
* Fixed bug that sometimes made it look like bombed armies disappeared.
* Fixed bug in chained declarations of war that would sometimes land a nation in a war it didn’t expect.
* Fix multiplayer bugs in handling players leaving and rejoining a game.

Content Updates:

* Arms maintenance costs for all units have been increased.
* Research Breakthroughs will now affect any project, not just the first one in the list.
* Money values have been updated, including prices, production and consumption values, and costs for military building, military maintenance, and research projects.
* Military unit properties have been updated, including ship movement speed, unit resistance values, and Transport build cost.

Scenario Revisions:

* Set initial stockpiles of all goods and resources to 0.
* Improvements to initial diplomatic relations.
* No cities are assigned to Research at game start.
* In The Limits of Peace, added Decision point added for Germany and Austria.
* In World at War, fixed United Kingdom artillery count.
* Various other fixes and improvements.


* Significantly reduced traffic between stations in multiplayer games.
* Revised registry-reading to work in restricted network environments.
Dateiname: MHPatch201.exe
Dateigröße: 11 MB

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