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Patch - Gish : Auch Linux-Zocker profitieren von neuem Patch

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version 1.43:
-fixed bug in the church level six

version 1.42:
-fixed bug in the church level six
-fixed file browsing bug on OSX
-fixed bug with OSX version missing vorbis framework
-fixed bug with OSX and Linux version slowing down if the Gish Window lost focus

version 1.4:
-added easy load for custom levels
-added 4 player vs. modes
-new title screen
-added campaign editor
-added turbo mode on by default, can be toggled with the T key at the title screen

version 1.3:
-added level editor please read the included gisheditor.txt and check the forums at:
-fixed white square bug in OSX version

version 1.2:
-added one unlockable vs mode
-added six unlockable vs levels
-added volume control for music and sound
-added two unlockable game modes
-added additional secret level
-added replays
-added additional secret codes
-minor fixes to sumo and football vs level
-added Gish manual
-added delete player option

version 1.10:
-Title music plays in all menu screens
-Loading time decreased
-Memory usage decreased
-added joystick hat support
-added multiply difficulty modes
-added secret game mode
-minor changes to football fields
-Fixed minor joystick setup problem

version 1.07:
-Fixed minor joystick setup problem

Dateiname: gish_1_43_patch.tar.gz
Dateigröße: 6 MB

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