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Patch - Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage : Umfassendes neues Update

  • PC
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  • Added voting support (change race type, change track, kick player, reset tournament, rubber banding)
  • Added support for multiple dedicated servers on the same computer
  • Added race finish timeout
  • Tournament is reset when last human player disconnects from the lobby
  • Dedicated server can now be configured to require clients a password before connecting
  • Server list shows a locker icon near the dedicated server with a password
  • Server list shows a country flag based on a dedicated server's geografical location
  • Server list shows a ping for a dedicated server
  • Implemented "typing notifications" in a lobby (e.g. when client is typing in a chat text box, other clients see flashing icon near that client's name)
  • Welcome message and server messages have distinct color
  • Admin chat messages have distinct color
Dateiname: gasguzzlerspatch1_3_1.exe
Dateigröße: 2 GB

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