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Patch - Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage : Holt euch die neue Version 1.3

  • PC
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  • Fixed bug where some weapons would shoot although the player has been killed and waiting for respawn.
  • Dedicated server optimizations.
  • Dedicated server can be configured to omit car parts synchronization leading to bandwidth conservation.
  • Added NetGraph console command (green line is ping and white line is number of received packets received from the server).
  • Fixed bug when server would begin start game countdown if last player in lobby gets disconnected.
  • Synchronized oil patches from destructible oil barrels.
  • Fixed bug where user could create preset with invalid name.
  • Railgun reload time in multiplayer is now same as reload time in single player (1.6s).
Dateiname: gasguzzlerspatch1_3.exe
Dateigröße: 726 MB

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