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Patch - Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords : Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords

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Version 1.40:

Version 1.4 of the game updates some of the graphics, tweaks the balance of planetary improvements based on player feedback, is more forgiving of bugs in mods and more.

- Initial Colony buildings have less maintainence.

- New colonies start out with a population cap of 6 instead of 5.

- Farms provide less food.

- Each citizen provides more tax income than previous.

- Morale buildings have been increased in benefit but techs to get to them cost substantially more (ex: Virtual Reality Center now provides a 40% morale improvement vs. 25% in 1.31).

- Stock market no longer gives morale bonus (wasn't supposed to in the first place)

- Updated beam weapon model along with large hull models

- Updated some of the planetary improvement icons to be prettier

- Updated Achille's heel, Apocalypse, and Pathfinder missions in the campaign based on player feedback.

- Tweaks to make money not too hard to get early on but not as easy to get ridiculous levels of money later on (though expert players will still be able to do this).

- fixed bug where ships on auto-attack would try to attack ships they weren't at war with if the ship was in the way

- fixed bug with auto attack where it was using the wrong function to check to see if a ship was hidden by the FOW.

- fixed cheat key to force an AI player to surrender

- added in code so that when using the CTRL+Z cheat to run the game in AI test mode, it will make the AI take over for the human player

- fixed bug where ships that were being upgraded but were not selected tried to update the ShipContextWnd, resulting in a crash if the last ship to be selected was deleted

- fixed a bug where a ship (under certain conditions) could fail to start moving even if it had a path calculated to its destination

- added additional debug info for missing string in tradewnd, took precautions to avoid a crash

- Tweaks to the AI code that handles planetary improvement so that they don't do stupid stuff by mistake

- Fixed integer divide by zero crash (very rare but possible)

- Fixed bug where if you upgrade a constructor and build a starbase while it is upgrading, the starbase will change into a ship when the upgrade is complete

- If RAW file fails to load, a height field is generated randomly

- Fixed crash in Quick Project Window (very rare case)

- fixed a bug that could occur if you loaded a campaign save game and tried to continue after finishing that mission, instead of using the campaign screen.

- added option to save ship design to disk. If turned off, the ship design will not be saved to disk and will not show up the next time you start GalCiv2. Ship designs will still remain in memory until the data is reloaded (from a save game, from starting a metaverse game after having played a normal game, etc).

- Some minor memory leaks fixed.
Dateiname: galciv2_140x_102606.exe
Dateigröße: 42 MB

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