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Patch - Frontlines: Fuel of War : Frontlines: Fuel of War

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Analog zum Patch 1.30 für Frontlines: Fuel of War gibt's auch ein Update für Dediacted Server. Das Update könnt ihr kostenlos von unserem Server laden.


PC patch 1.3.0 is now available and includes the following features:

New Map – Hindsight

New Map – Sunder

New Map – Wide Awake

New Map – Infiltration

New Vehicle – WC AB-11 Bomber Jet
- The AB-11 is a medium-range bomber that is loaded with 6 cluster bombs. These bombs will devastate nearly anything they hit. To aid in bombing runs, the AB-11 includes a bomber cam which aims directly at the ground, no matter how the jet is positioned in the air. The AB-11 also includes a rapid-fire cannon in the nose for clearing infantry and tanks. The engines of the AB-11 include dual elrons to allow for faster turns. When compared to the WC fighter jet, the AB-11 is not as fast, but far more maneuverable. The AB-11 is also stealthed against missile lock-on’s.
- To use Bomber Cam - Hold Middle Mouse Button while in exterior view

New Vehicle – RS MRB-131 Bomber Jet
- To compete with the Western Coalition’s AB-11, the Red Star have developed their own bomber, the MRB-131. This bomber is designed with one purpose: unleash as much firepower into the enemy as possible. Small and maneuverable, the MRB-131 carries a front-mounted cannon for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. On its wings are a pair of forward-firing rocket launchers, similar to the Red Star attack helicopter. The Red Star MRB-131 also includes a rear-mounted camera, so the pilot can see an enemy approaching from behind.
- To use Rear-view Cam - Hold Middle Mouse Button while in exterior view
New Weapon – Anti-Air Rocket Launcher
- The Anti-Air Rocket fires a high velocity projectile designed to cripple enemy aircraft. Though the rocket has no target lock, the rockets are built with a proximity detect which will detonate the rocket if it is near a target. The rocket will cause damage to a nearby enemy aircraft, but it will do more damage if the target is hit directly. Though they are lethal against jets and heli’s, they have a hard time punching through land vehicle armor.

Leaderboard Fix has been implemented for the Roles and Loadout tabs – They now record both Ranked & Unranked game information

Server Browser has been fixed and will now only show legitimate Ranked servers.

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